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Aquatec Water Pump Addons

Aquatec Water Pump Addons


Aquatec Pump ESO, PSW, LPS & AFT Add-ons

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Permeate Pump 90% Auto Shut Off Valves

Electronic Shut Off Valves - Tank Pressure Switches

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  1. Aquatec PSW 240 & PSW 340 RO Tank Prssure Switch- aquatec-psw-1000
    Aquatec ® PSW 240 & PSW 340 Pressure Switch
    Aquatec ® PSW 240 & PSW 340 Pressure Switch. Compact High reliability - 100% factory tested - Built-in John Guest connectors - Aquatec's PSW tank pressure sensing electrical switches are intended for in-line mounting as close to the hydropneumatic product water tank as possible. Its purpose is to turn off the Booster Pump when the tank is full. Normally closed switch set for 40 PSI. The PSW, when used with a typical under-counter RO system, enables the hydraulic shut-off valve to open and close very reliably and positively. The PSI trigger point can be adjusted using a 050 Allen Wrench inserted into the small chrome nut in one of the two adjacent circular surfaces on the switch. Simply turn to adjust the actual water PSI shut off point for your system. Counter clockwise will decrease the off pressure of the pump and clockwise will increase the off pressure. To make the pump turn off at a lower pressure setting turn the screw counter clockwise. Set the switch once the system has filled and shut off. Our techs love these. NSF Approved - Flow Through Design (i.e. no Dead Legs) Single Pole, Double Throw Switch. WETTED MATERIALS Polypropylene, Santoprene, EPDM SWITCH RATING: 250 VAC, 15 amp, UL listed. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: AMP Mate-N-Lok. The PSW Series also includes a modular connector for plug-and-play integration with Aquatec’s other system components. Easy installation and simple to use. Choose either the PSW 240 1/4" or PSW 340 3/8".
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  2. AQUATEC- ESO 460  Inlet Water Electronic Shut-Off Valve - 1000
    Aquatec ® ESO 460 Inlet Water Electronic Shut-Off Valve
    Aquatec ® ESO 460 Electronic Inlet Water Shut-Off Valve. Conserves water - Positive shut-off - Compact design - Plastic valve body - Low power - Cool running - Hermetically protected electronics for long life. Polypropylene body. 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150 mA. Jaco connectors. Comes with 21-127 cable for optional connection.
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  3. AQUATEC- AFT - Auto Flush Kit with Timer- 1000
    Aquatec ® AFT Auto Flush Kit With Timer
    Aquatec ® AFT Auto Flush Kit With Timer. Reduces "brine to product" ratio Improves system "TDS" rejection rate Extends membrane life Hermetically protected electronics for long life One of the challenges addressed by Aquatec's Engineering staff was the development of a device that would assist the R.O. membrane to perform with maximum efficiency for longer time periods. Most designers recommend that a R.O. system be flushed on a regular basis. Aquatec's AFR 600 series Auto-Flush valve provides this flush. In addition, designers can reduce the "brine to product" ratio, especially in low "TDS" applications, while maintaining or improving system "TDS" rejection rate and extending membrane, sediment and carbon filter life. Upon system start-up and every hour thereafter, the 24 VAC normally closed solenoid valve automatically "power-flushes" the membrane at full pump flow, or full line pressure in unboosted systems, for 18 seconds every hour. Turbulent water action scrubs organic and inorganic contaminants from the membrane surface, extending membrane life and efficiency. The "power flush" occurs only while the system is in the water making mode. The flush cycle is reset automatically when the R.O. system repeats the "water making" mode after the "full tank shut-down" mode. Water which has been standing idle in the membrane module for an extended period, is purged to the drain.
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  4. JOHN GUEST- PI061208S- Reducer 3/8'' & Stem X 1/4'' Tube- 1000
    John Guest ® Reducer - 1/4" tube to 3/8" stem (pair) PI061208S
    John Guest ® Reducer - 1/4" tube to 3/8" stem. Easily connects 1/4" tubing to 3/8" female quick connect push in fittings. (price per pair) PI061208S
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  5. Molykote-From DOw Corning- 111 Compound-6 Gram O-ring Silicone Lubricant & Sealant-Dow-111-5-gram-1000
    Dow Corning (Molykote) ® 111 6 gram O-ring Silicone Lubricant and Sealant - Be sure to lube your O-rings to help prevent leaks.
    Dow Corning/Molykote ® 111 6 gram O-ring Silicone Lubricant and Sealant - 6 gram pillow pack. (like a ketchup packet) Great O-ring sealant and lubricant. FDA and NSF approved. (Do Not Use Petroleum Jelly As It May Break Down O-rings Or Housings) This is the same premium grade silicone sealant and lubricant used in underwater photography cameras, scuba gear and other underwater applications that simply can't afford leaks. Why not use the best for your reverse osmosis or drinking water filtration system?

    Dow 111 Silicone MSDS Safety Sheet

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  6. Pro Products SS24WS Sani System Water Softener and Conditioner System Sanitizer
    Pro Products SS24WS Sani System Water Softener and Conditioner System Sanitizer
    Pro Products Sani System Sanitizer. 0.5 fl. oz. concentrate. Sani-System ® Pro Products is proud to introduce Sani-System, the first and only EPA product approved for sanitizing water softeners, RO units and Water Coolers. Sani System is proven to kill 99.9% of E. coli, E. coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes and other harmful bacteria. It does not use chlorine, other oxidizers or acids that can harm water softener equipment parts. Use is simple; each dose comes in a pre-measured pouch. Just cut, pour and regenerate softener. No measuring, No mess! Sanitizing Equipment! Applications Interior Surfaces of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units, Ice Machines, Water Coolers, Water Holding Tanks and Pressure Tanks. Sani-System is now NSF certified!
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Aquatec Pump add-ons ESO, PSW, LPS & AFT

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