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Air Gap Faucet Bypass

Noisy air gap faucets may be silenced by bypassing them

You can use the same air gap faucet that you have as a non air gap faucet. No need to replace the faucet. Check local codes. See more on air gap faucets.

Remove and discard the 3/8" drain saddle and the short piece of 3/8" tube connecting it to the faucet base.

Install a new 1/4" drain saddle.

Disconnect the systems waste water (brine) line at the faucet. Trim Square the end of the tube that became malformed where it was connected to the faucet base.

Connect this line to the new 1/4" drain saddle.

Install the check valve shown below to prevent any possible back flow from the drain into the Reverse Osmosis system. Cut the brine line about 12" from the RO system and install the check valve. Do not install the check valve close to the drain saddle. The check valve comes with John Guest quick connectors. See How They Work.

Leave the line from the tank (permeate) connected to the center stem of the faucet. This is the only line that will remain connected to the faucet. The faucet has now been silenced!

  1. Regular Price: $8.99

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    Drain Saddles For Reverse Osmosis Systems - Connects reverse osmosis system drain tube to sinks drain pipe. Standard size drain saddle is 1/4". 3/8" Drain Saddle typically used in conjunction with optional air gap faucet. Learn More
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    Inline Check Valve - Back Flow Prevention - Check Valve- 1/4" quick connect - one way flow, Easy to install. 1/4SCV and 3/8SCV or John Guest Elbow Fitting for Membrane Housing. Learn More
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    Drain Saddle 3/8" Learn More
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    John Guest ® Poly Tubing For Pure Drinking Water Systems - 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" O.D. (Outer Dimension) High Grade Drinking Water Tubing. Speedfit quick connector compatible. Choose the 3/8" O.D. For Use With Optional Drain Saddle For Air Gap Faucet. Sold by the foot. Order 20 to get 20 feet. Learn More
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    Poly Tube John Guest 3/8" PE Natural Clear Replacement Tubing for Water Filter Systems Learn More
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    John Guest ® tube cutter TSNIP - Great for making a perfect cut everytime. Helps prevent leaks by making a square end cut ensuring proper fit and seal in water connecttion fittings. A real must for any professional or discerning home owner. Learn More
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    John Guest ® Tube Cutter Replacement Blades - Easy replacement. Package of 5 Replament Blades. Learn More
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