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Summit Brands

Summit Brands

Whirlout Hot Tub, Spa and Whirlpool Cleaner by Summit Brands
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    White Brite - Formerly Known as Yellow Out - Keeps Whites Their Whitest - Summit Brands- White Brite Makes Your Dingy Whites Bright! Better and Safer Than Bleach. Removes yellowing stains and rust stains from white laundry. Eliminate rust and iron stains from white laundry Use regularly to keep your whites their whitest and to prevent discoloring. Prevents rust buildup in your washing machine. Will not harm fabrics like bleach. Removes or lightens transferred dyes and color runs. White Brite - Yellow Out is a unique laundry additive and booster designed to remove yellowing and dinginess caused by aging and by the rust and iron in your water supply. White Brite - Yellow Out is safe and can be used on all washable white and colorfast fabrics and can be used along with your regular detergent. Yellow Out will also remove or lighten tough stains such as transferred dye and color runs caused when white fabrics are mistakenly washed with colored items. White Brite - Yellow Out is tough on stains but will not harm fabric like chlorine bleach. Used regularly, White Brite will prevent rust build-up and discoloring, keeping fabrics their whitest. White Brite does not contain dangerous acids or abrasives. Do not use with bleach or peroxide. AVAILABLE SIZES: 28 oz.. How do I use White Brite - Yellow Out with white clothing? - White Brite - Yellow Out can work wonders in white clothing, first, be sure to separate any clothing with a dye or color in it from strictly white clothing. ALL COLORED ITEMS MUST BE TESTED FIRST. To use Yellow Out with white clothing: 1. Add 1/2 cup as the washer is filling. (Keep in mind this amount is a general guideline, more or less product can or may need to be utilized). 2. Once washer is full, add clothes and let soak for 5 minutes, if possible by stopping the machine. 3. Add detergent and resume wash/rinse cycle. (If more soaking time is desired the washer can be stopped in the wash cycle and then resumed after desired soaking time has been achieved). 4. Dry as usual. Learn More
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    WhirlOut Spa, Hot Tub and Whirlpool Cleaner from Summit Brands. Eliminates soap scum & build-up from whirlpools. WhirlOut - Cleans pumps, pipes and surfaces in whirlpools, spas, hot tubs and jetted tubs. Fast & easy self-cleaning action safely removes soap scum & build-up, odors, bath & body oils, dirt and other system residue from inside of all pipes, pumps, fittings and the circulation system. Leaves acrylic, fiberglass, enamel and chrome surfaces fresh and clean without scrubbing. Regular use helps prevent buildup. 1.5 lb. package. CLEANING TIPS Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully. Follow the directions below after each use or after a period of inactivity. DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING. If unit has adjustable air/volume control, adjust to medium. Water level should be at least 2 inches above suction intake and highest jet. Note: WhirlOut is most effective when used with warm water. WHIRLPOOL/JETTED TUB: 1) After using tub and prior to draining, activate circulation pump. 2) Add 1/2 the container of WhirlOut ® near the suction intake. 3) Allow WhirlOut to circulate for 3-4 minutes. 4) Drain tub and refill, then circulate for 1 minute to rinse. 5) Drain tub. Repeat as needed. HOT TUB/SPA: Use prior to draining unit only. Follow JETTED TUB instructions, however, use the entire container and increase circulation time to 10 minutes. Learn More
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    Drain Out Enzyme Septic System Treatment. Tough clogs don't stand a chance. Maximizes time between required pumping. Helps prevent drain field failure, costly repairs and excavation. Dissolves Grease, Fats, Paper, Starches and Protein. Concentrated, 100% natural Bio-enzymatic active ingredients. Learn More
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    Disposer Care Garbage Disposer Cleaner. Foams away odor-causing grunge. Garbage disposal care by Summit Brands. Eliminates offensive disposer odors while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. Disposer Care is the most effective disposer cleaner on the market, removing 99+% of odor causing grudge. Cleans the entire disposer - sidewalls, blades and splashguard. Convenient, premeasured packets. More effective than home rememdies. Learn More
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    LimeOut Extra - Lime, Rust and Calcium Mineral Deposit Remover by Summit Brands. Lime Out Extra is heavy-duty, with more cleaning power than other leading brands. The non-abrasive liquid is specifically formulated to quickly dissolve tough lime, rust, calcium and mineral deposits. Use Lime Out Extra in bath, kitchen and laundry areas. It leaves toilets, sinks, tubs and showers fresh and clean without heavy scrubbing. Regular use helps prevent lime, rust or calcium build-up. A special thickener has been added to Lime Out Extra to help it cling to vertical surfaces. Lime Out Extra works effectively on tubs, sinks, showers, shower doors, toilets, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, pots, pans and tea kettles. Lime Out Extra is specially formulated with a low ph, organic salt, non-abrasive chemicals, and surfactants for safe and effective cleaning. This tough cleaning action eliminates any abrasive scrubbing that could harm surfaces. AVAILABLE SIZE: 24 fl. oz.TOILET BOWL - Squirt generously on stains and let soak. Brush and flush clean. Rinse brush. Repeat if needed. TUB, SINK, TILE, SHOWER DOORS, FAUCETS - Mix with an equal amount of water. Use full strength on tough stains. Apply with damp sponge or cloth. Rinse promptly and thoroughly. Foaming may occur as lime scale is dissolving. DISHWASHER/WASHING MACHINES - Apply to interior of machine with sponge or cloth. Run empty machine through a rinse cycle. Repeat for heavily stained machines. OTHER USES - Cookware, Tea Kettles, Humidifiers, Fiberglass Boats. Follow same directions as Tub, Sink, Tile, ETC. Formerly All Out Extra. This is a great cleaner. Learn More
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    Pro Products Sani System Sanitizer. 0.25 or 0.5 fl. oz. concentrate. Sani-System ® Pro Products is proud to introduce Sani-System, the first and only EPA product approved for sanitizing water softeners, RO units and Water Coolers. Sani System is proven to kill 99.9% of E. coli, E. coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes and other harmful bacteria. It does not use chlorine, other oxidizers or acids that can harm water softener equipment parts. Use is simple; each dose comes in a pre-measured pouch. Just cut, pour and regenerate softener. No measuring, No mess! Sanitizing Equipment! Applications Interior Surfaces of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units, Ice Machines, Water Coolers, Water Holding Tanks and Pressure Tanks. Sani-System is now NSF certified! This is the best sanitizing solution available anywhere! Stock up and save. Learn More
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