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Hot Springs Spas (Watkins Mfg.) Water Filters

Hot Springs - Watkins ® Compatible Spa Replacement Water Filters
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    Harmsco ® H-4326-AM Antimicrobial Replacement Pool Water Filter Cartridge - Step up to Premium Antimicrobial Construction. Cross reference RA25TC-3, Unicel C-4625 - C-4326, Pleatco PRB 25-IN, Filbur FC 4375 - FC 2375. 13 3/8 inches height x 4 15/16 inches diameter. Learn More
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    Harmsco ® H-6430 Replacement Spa Water Filter Cartridge - Replaces WA30TC-3, C-6430 & PWK30. Watkins 30 sq.ft. Fits all models starting from 1991. 10 1/2" height X 6" diameter. Learn More
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    WhirlOut Spa, Hot Tub and Whirlpool Cleaner from Summit Brands. Eliminates soap scum & build-up from whirlpools. WhirlOut - Cleans pumps, pipes and surfaces in whirlpools, spas, hot tubs and jetted tubs. Fast & easy self-cleaning action safely removes soap scum & build-up, odors, bath & body oils, dirt and other system residue from inside of all pipes, pumps, fittings and the circulation system. Leaves acrylic, fiberglass, enamel and chrome surfaces fresh and clean without scrubbing. Regular use helps prevent buildup. 1.5 lb. package. CLEANING TIPS Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully. Follow the directions below after each use or after a period of inactivity. DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING. If unit has adjustable air/volume control, adjust to medium. Water level should be at least 2 inches above suction intake and highest jet. Note: WhirlOut is most effective when used with warm water. WHIRLPOOL/JETTED TUB: 1) After using tub and prior to draining, activate circulation pump. 2) Add 1/2 the container of WhirlOut ® near the suction intake. 3) Allow WhirlOut to circulate for 3-4 minutes. 4) Drain tub and refill, then circulate for 1 minute to rinse. 5) Drain tub. Repeat as needed. HOT TUB/SPA: Use prior to draining unit only. Follow JETTED TUB instructions, however, use the entire container and increase circulation time to 10 minutes. Learn More
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    2 Pool And Spa Bacteria Tests Per Package. Easy to use. Do it yourself. Results in 20 minutes. Test for harmful bacteria for safety. Learn More
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