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Water Factory SQC-CTA 3M Water Filters

Water Factory SQC-CTA 3M Water Filters

Water Factory SQC-CTA 3M CUNO Reverse Osmosis System, Replacement Water Filters, RO Membrane and Maintenance Repair Parts
The SQC-CTA with CTA RO membrane has been discontinued.  Use the following filters and TFC reverse osmosis membrane.

Water Factory CUNO SQC-CTA HF Installation and Owner's Manual

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  1. Regular Price: $489.00

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    As low as: $379.00
    3MRO301 Reverse Osmosis System #04-04506This Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with advanced three stage filtration process includes a Sediment/Carbon Pre Filter, a Carbon Block Filtration Post Filter, and a Reverse Osmosis.Included in the package: RO system with 3 filter cartridges, faucet, tank, tubing, fittings, installation manuel and performance data sheetLearn More
  2. Regular Price: $49.96

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    As low as: $24.99
    3M 3MROP310 - Sediment Prefilter for 3MRO301 Reverse Osmosis System - Replaces 47-9290G2The 3M Aqua-Pure 3MROP310 under sink reverse osmosis carbon pre-filter (part #47-9290G2) is a replacement filter cartridge for the 3M Aqua-Pure 3MRO301 under sink reverse osmosis system using the sanitary quick change functionality. Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $53.86

    Special Price $39.95

    As low as: $34.99
    3MROP316 SQC Carbon Filter for 3MRO301 Reverse Osmosis System and CUNO Water Factory SQC3 HF RO SystemThe 3M Aqua-Pure 3MROP316 under sink reverse osmosis filter is a replacement filter cartridge for the 3M Aqua-Pure 3MRO301 under sink reverse osmosis system.Reverse Osmosis Post Carbon Block FilterFilter for 3MRO301Helps provide cleaner and better tasting waterLearn More
  4. Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price $149.99

    As low as: $139.99
    3MROM413 Supersedes Water Factory 66-4706G2 SQC Reverse Osmosis Membrane.Reduces: Particulate, chlorine taste and odor and leadSanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge design helps provide fast and easy cartridge change-outSlim profile, space saving design reduces overall under cabinet footprintAdvanced multi-stage reverse osmosis water filtration process helps provide cleaner, better tasting drinking water through a dedicated faucet Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $38.86

    Special Price $29.95

    As low as: $24.95

    3M47-234825 SQC Sanitizing Service Reusable Cartridge. AP1-E 3M Service Cartridge for SQC drinking water systems by Water Factory, CUNO and 3M

    Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $19.69

    Special Price $15.99

    As low as: $11.95
    3M 50-1265 RO Service & Sanitizing Plug for 3MRO301, 3MRO401 and 3MRO501 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems from 3M or any of the Water Factory SQC systems such as the SQC3, SQC4-HF, SQC2 or SQC1. Use these bypass plugs in place of filters during the sanitizing of your RO system. This is must for all SQC reverse osmosis system owners. Order one for each filter in your system. Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price $49.99

    GGN-Tank-4 - 4 Gallon RO Reverse Osmosis Tank 1/4" NPT Threads. Stainless Steel connector. This is the perfect replacement tank for most residential RO Reverse Osmosis systems. Set Air Pre Charge To 7 psi With The Tank Empty Blue color. UPC #850901003491 Learn More
  8. Regular Price: $24.99

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    As low as: $12.99
    Air pressure gauge for reverse osmosis water accumulator tanks - Specially calibrated for reverse osmosis system tanks. Scale from 1 to 20 PSI. Large scale reading over small PSI range allows optimum accuracy. Just like car tires lose air pressure, so does the bladder of your reverse osmosis water accumulator tank. Improper tank air pressure will cause your system to operate improperly. This is a must for all reverse osmosis system owners. Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $27.99

    Special Price $17.99

    Protect the bladder of your tank by using our tank inversion stand. Most tanks hold the water in the top portion of the tank instead of the bottom. Storing the water on top of the bladder adds the weight of the water to the pressure to cause unnecessary stress on the bladder. By inverting (turning upside down) it removes the weight of the water on the seal where the bladder is attached to the inside of the tank. Fits most standard 3 and 4 gallon tanks. Plastic Inversion RO Tank Stand. UPC #850901003408 Learn More
  10. Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $4.99

    As low as: $2.49
    Pro Products Sani System Sanitizer. 0.25 or 0.5 fl. oz. concentrate. Sani-System ® Pro Products is proud to introduce Sani-System, the first and only EPA product approved for sanitizing water softeners, RO units and Water Coolers. Sani System is proven to kill 99.9% of E. coli, E. coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes and other harmful bacteria. It does not use chlorine, other oxidizers or acids that can harm water softener equipment parts. Use is simple; each dose comes in a pre-measured pouch. Just cut, pour and regenerate softener. No measuring, No mess! Sanitizing Equipment! Applications Interior Surfaces of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units, Ice Machines, Water Coolers, Water Holding Tanks and Pressure Tanks. Sani-System is now NSF certified! This is the best sanitizing solution available anywhere! Stock up and save. Learn More
  11. Regular Price: $15.75

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    6 in 1 Home Water Test Kit by 3M. Use this 3M DIY water quality test for convenient on-site testing. The 3M DIY water quality test kit provides quick analysis. Learn More
  12. Regular Price: $42.95

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    As low as: $20.00
    HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Total Dissolved Solids Tester, 0-5000 ppm TDS Range, 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 2% Readout. HM Digital introduces its new AquaPro series, a line of handheld TDS/EC meters with a sleek design that's perfect for today's modern kitchen. The AquaPro digital water testers are the next generation for today's tech-savvy and health-conscience consumer. Learn More
  13. $9.99
    John Guest PPSV040808W In-Line Shut-Off Valve 1/4" Tube X 1/4" Tube Learn More
  14. $0.30
    Poly Tube John Guest 1/4" PE White Replacement Tubing for Water Filter Systems. PE-16-GI-0250F-N - Poly Tubing. Sold by the foot. Learn More

Easy TDS Membrane Performence Calculator
See If It is Time To Replace Your Membrane

Simply enter your Feed Water TDS and RO Water TDS into the boxes above and click "Submit". The percentage of TDS (total disolved solids) rejection will be displayed. We normally recommend membrane replacement once you drop below 75%. This may vary in areas with high TDS in the feed water.   Let the tap water and reverse osmosis water run for a few seconds before drawing your sample.

See our selection of TDS meters under Water Tests.  Knowing the rejection rate is the only wat to know if it is time to replace your reverse osmosis membrane.

Be sure to check our Parts Department for important parts such as TDS Testers For Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Replacement Tanks, O-rings , Filter Housing Wrenches, Faucets, Pumps, Fittings, UV Systems and more parts for your reverse osmosis pure water filtration system.   View maintenance and servicing tips online at our Installation & Trouble shooting Guide.

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