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Frigidaire WF1CB / RG-100 Replacement Refrigerator Filters

Frigidaire WF1CB / RG-100 Replacement Refrigerator Filters

* Frigidaire ® WF1CB / RG-100 compatible replacement refrigerator fridge water filters

  1. FRIGIDAIRE- WF1CB RG-100- Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge- 1000
    Frigidaire ®* WF1CB RG-100 Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge
    Frigidaire ®* WF1CB RG-100 Compatible WFO Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge. The Frigidaire WF1CB / RG-100 Pure Source Replacement Water Filter fits Frigidaire Energy Star compliant refrigerators made after April 2001. The replacement filter cartridge is located in a round plastic housing. The Energy Star WF1CB PureSource filter cartridge has blue end caps. The Frigidaire WF1CB PureSource Refrigerator Water Filter will replace any of the following part # : RF100, RG100, NGRG2000 RF-100, RG-100, NGRG-2000 Frigidaire 218717805, 240389101, 240389102, 240394501, WF1CB, WFB Kenmore 9910, 469910, 46-9910 Sears 04609910000, 46-9910. AquaFresh WF284. And any of the Sears Kenmore Refrigerators that were made by Frigidaire (model # starting with #253). It improves the taste and odor of the water and removes the following impurities: 98.30% of Particulates (Class III), and 96.50% of Chlorine (Class I). It Does Not Remove Flouride. Frigidaire recommends that you replace the filter every 9 months or when the filter status light turns red, whichever comes first OR if the refrigerator has not been used for more than two weeks (for instance, during a move) OR if you notice a decrease in the flow of water or objectionable tastes in the water or ice.
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