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Whole House Water Filters

Here are answers for whole house water filters. No one single whole house water filter is practical for the typical house. It generally takes more than one treatment device to provide for all of a house's water needs. Different types of filters and systems are used in conjunction with each other to create a whole house water filter solution. We have broken these types of water filters and treatments down into the following 6 general categories:

POE (point of entry) Inline Whole House Water Filters

Many homes have a filter or two in the main incoming water line (POE - point of entry). These can be for either a sediment prefilter or a high flow carbon filter, or both. The sediment filter will remove sediment that can plug the bed of a softener, prematurely foul a carbon filter or ruin the plumbing fixtures and valves. The carbon filters can be effective for certain trouble water conditions such as bad taste and/or odor (bad smell).

Prefilters with too small of a micron rating will plug faster than one with a larger micron rating. But the smaller micron rating will remove more from the water. Itis a trade off of performance. Too small of a micron rating will also reduce the flow rate. Typically a pleated sediment prefilter will have the highest flow rate. In the carbon filters the highest flow rate is the RFC (radial flow carbon) series. Water supplies drawn from wells may benefit from Vu-Flow High Flow Sediment And Sand Screen Filters. Easy to use and re-use!


10" Big Blue - 10" X 4 1/2" POE (point of entry) Whole House Water Filters

20" Big Blue - 20" X 4 1/2" POE (point of entry) Whole House Water Filters

3/4" Standard - 10" X 2 3/4" POE (point of entry) Whole House Water Filters

3/4" Standard - 20" X 2 3/4" POE (point of entry) Whole House Water Filters

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges:

10 Inch Pentek Sediment 10BB Big Blue Water Filters

10 inch Carbon 10BB Big Blue Water Filters

20 inch 20BB Sediment Water Filters

20 inch 20BB Carbon Water Filter



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POU (point of use) - Inline Water Filters

Often used in place of a RO reverse osmosis system. While a standard POU (point of use) water filter is easier to maintain, they do not significantly reduce TDS (total dissolved solids) or many other harmful chemicals like nitrate, nitrites, etc.


5" SlimLine 5" X 2 3/4" POU (point of use) Water Filter Housings

10" SlimLine 10" X 2 3/4" POU (point of use) Water Filter Housings

20" SlimLine 10" X 2 3/4" POU (point of use) Water Filter Housings

2 Stage SlimLine Drinking Water Filtration System - POU (point of use)

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges:

Sediment Pre Filters 9 3/4" X 2 3/4"

Sediment Pre Filters 9 7/8" X 2 3/4"

Taste & Odor Carbon Filters 9 3/4" X 2 3/4"

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems - POU (point of use)

    Reverse Osmosis systems offer the best choice for making drinking water in the home. They deliver high quality drinking water to a special faucet at the sink or to an ice maker (POE - point of use) RO reverse osmosis systems make water slowly and therefore require a tank to store the water so there is enough on hand for when needed. This slow production rate is one of the reasons that reverse osmosis is not viable for a whole house water filter system. Additionally, RO water is so pure that it will pull the copper out of the house plumbing. This will degrade the plumbing and load the water with copper. Both results are undesirable. Also, since it takes 4 or 5 gallons to make one gallon of reverse osmosis drinking water it would be a waste of water to use it for regular household functions like bathing, toilet flushing and laundry.

    There are many great accessories for an RO reverse osmosis system that will enhance its use such as:

    Water Chillers Inline

    UV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

    TDS Meters

    Water Pumps

    Larger Water Accumulator Storage Tanks

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  • Shower Filters - POU (point of use)

    Approximately 50% of the chlorine we take in is from the shower/bath. Chlorine is absorbed into the skin and is inhaled into the lungs as it is released into the air. Shower filters that use carbon break down and become very inefficient when used in a hot shower or bath. KDF and the redox treatment method provide the best shower filters available. A good shower filter is a very important part of a whole house water filter system.

  • Water Softening & Conditioning POE (point of entry)

    Softening can be a very important part of a whole house water filter solution. A softener is used when water is hard. Hardness is bad on clothes, your hair and skin, and the pluming fixtures in the home. Softeners will make your clothes last longer and look nicer. It will make your hair and skin softer. It is also a great pretreatment system for your RO reverse osmosis system. Test for water hardness.

  • Special Applications - POE (point of entry)

    This application is typically for severe water problems such as sulfur, iron, bacteria or other specific water problems. Some of these problems must be treated with large filtration systems that are similar in appearance to a water softener. Others can be treated with a Big Blue or 3/4" Standard whole house water filter and replacement water filter cartridges designed specifically for these conditions:

    Iron Water Filters

    Sulfur Water Filters

    DI Deionization Water Filters

    KDF Water Filters

    Chloramines Water Filters

    Phosphates For Scale Reduction Water Filters